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WelcomeWe are Austria’s poppers supplier: Yes, we ship to Austria, Germany, Switzerland and in all other countries within the EU. We start with the best-known and most popular varieties and expanding our range ever further. If you do not find a particular brand here, please write us a message we will try to deliver even this brand.

Minimum order: 39 Euro.

Our prices are higher than you were paying years ago, but it is a bit more complicated to deliver in Austria.

Our discount levels:
from 3 bottles: 5% discount
from 6 bottles: 8% discount
from 9 bottles: 10% discount
from 12 bottles: 13% discount
from 18 bottles: 18% discount
from 36 bottles: 25% discount

What are poppers and where does the name: Poppers are room aromas or leather cleaners and the name comes from the “pop” sound when the bottle is opened, “to pop“. Never breathe Poppers directly!

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